Chemical Polymer Technology

Polymerization is the combination of small biochemical molecules known as monomers which exists in the shape of covalently bonded chain. During the polymerization process, few chemical groups may lose from each monomer. Polymer Technology is nothing but manufacture, processing, analysing and application of long-chain molecules. Plastics, paints, rubber, foams, adhesives, sealants, varnishes are the materials that are said to be polymers. The variation in chain growth polymerization is that the monomers are added to the chain at a time only, such as polyethylene. But in step-growth polymerization, the chains of monomers may combine with one another directly


  • Emerging trends in Polymer Synthesis
  • Polymer design for 3D/4D printing
  • Polymeric Materials & Composites
  • Medical Applications
  • Recent progress in Polymer Materials
  • Polymer Rheology & Compounding

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